Nations Cups & National Top Sport


What do the events at Future Champions stand for?

CDI = International Dressage Competition

CDIO = International Nations Cup Dressage

CSI = International Jumping Competition

CSIO = International Nations Cup Jumping

Age grops: J = Junior, Y = Young Rider, P = Pony, CH = Children

Nations Cups

In Europe not more than one nations cup may be held per season in the same country. In Germany the senior riders traditionally compete at the world famous CHIO Aachen Nations Cup, while the young stars come together for Future Champions at Hof Kasselmann, where they have the opportunity to ride in eight nations cup events, i.e. four dressage and four jumping events.

LVM Masters of the Regional Associations

This special event was created in cooperation with LVM Insurances more than 15 years ago in Hagen.

One team, two disciplines and a whole lot of fun, that is the motto of the LVM Masters. Teams of eight riders, consisting of two junior and two young riders for dressage and for jumping respectively, are nominated by their regional associations in Germany. The Junior teams compete at Medium-level dressage and jumping, while the Young Rider teams are required to ride at Advanced-level.

What makes this event so special and unique year after year is the obvious camaraderie between the team members, they support each other regardless of their discipline or age level and are proud of their achievements. For these reasons LVM Insurances have a been a strong long-term supporter of this event.