“He deserves the world” – Belgian debutant helps team to win the Young Rider Nations Cup

“He deserves the world” – Belgian debutant helps team to win the Young Rider Nations Cup

(Hagen a.T.W.) “Now it’s enough,” quipped German national coach Eberhard Seemann to his Irish counterpart James Kernan as his riders won their third out of four FEI Jumping Nations Cup Youth this weekend — such was the dominance of the Irish visitors. After taking out Friday’s event in the Junior division Ireland also added the title in the Pony and Children Nations Cups to their tally today. Though it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the riders from the green isle in the U14 competition presented by Covalliero. The team around Charlie Flynn and Elia, Ted Fagan and Con Sol, Robbie Sheehan with Fubalia and Sam Widger on Jerenice Dysenbeeck Z had to go into a jump-off against the Swiss children when both teams were tied on four penalty points after two rounds. The jump-off brought the decider in favour of the Irish as they set the faster times. The German team under Eberhard Seemann and the Dutch team under Edwin Hoogenraat jointly took third place with eight penalty points each. Irish coach James Kernan was understandably delighted with his U14 protégés: “There are great kids! They have all come up the ranks in pony jumping and they are all very competitive and experienced. This is the best bunch I ever had since I got this job six years ago now — fabulous horses and riders. I’m looking forward to the European Championships now.” Earlier in the day the Irish Pony team of Senan Reape and Fernando, Ruben Foley and Cracher, Lily Tunney and Fireman as well as James Derwin on Rincoola Babog won the Zeltverleih Kortkamp GmbH presented CSIOP FEI Jumping Nations Cup Youth ahead of Great Britain and Germany.

Belgium rocks the CSIOY 

The last Nations Cup Youth event of the day was decided in the Young Rider division and presented by longtime event partner DEFENDER. Only three teams lined up, Belgium, Germany and Monaco, and they finished in this order. Filip Lacus’ Belgian riders finished the two rounds over 1.45m on just four penalty points. Instrumental in the result were Bart Jay Junior Vandecasteel and Vamos de la Pomme d’Or Z who went double clear. It was the young rider’s first start in Hagen and as it turns out, one of his biggest successes to date. “It’s crazy to be honest,” Bart admitted. “I was doing two sports last year, cycling and horse riding, and only decided two months ago to fully commit to horses. I only have this horse for two months. It’s just incredible, because it’s also my first Young Rider Nations Cup with him. He’s a fantastic horse and I’m hoping to go to the Europeans now. How this horse is jumping, he deserves the world.” Belgian Chef d’Equipe Filip Lacus was full of praise for his team: “They are not only a good team but also good friends. This was one of the qualification shows for the riders before the Europeans, so it was important for them to do well.” The best German riders were Mick Haunhorst on Striewes Constanze and Johanna Beckmann on Emelie van de Mirania Stam, who both went double clear. 

The last day of Future Champions features more exciting sport in the dressage arena and jumping stadium, including the CSIOCh Children Grand Prix presented by JH Reitsport, the CSIOY Young Rider Grand Prix presented by GumBits and the Dressage Freestyle tests in the CDIOY Young Rider and CDIOP Pony divisions. Spectators are very welcome, admission is free! ClipMyHorse.TV will also be broadcasting live from Hagen.


Competition S13 – Zeltverleih Kortkamp GmbH presents – CSIOP FEI JUMPING NATIONS CUP YOUTH PONIES – Covalliero Special Prize – 1.30m Team

6 participants and 6 placed

  1. Ireland 2-0/226.31,
  2. Great Britain 4-0/216.35,
  3. Germany 6-4/228.73,
  4. Belgium 8-8/219.89,
  5. Netherlands 40-51/239.12,
  6. Switzerland 39/243.25-EL

Competition S18 – Covalliero Brand presents – CSIOCh FEI JUMPING NATIONS CUP YOUTH CHILDREN – 1.30m Team

6 participants and 6 placed

  1. Ireland 4-0-0/88.76,
  2. Switzerland 0-4-0/97.16,
  3. Germany 4-4/239.72,
  4. Netherlands 4-4/232.96,
  5. Belgium 8-4/238.40,
  6. Spain 12-16/232.45


3 participants and 3 placed

  1. Belgium 4-0/229.93,
  2. Germany 4-4/226.80,
  3. Monaco 12-20/230.25

Further results: https://online.equipe.com/shows/63612

Top debut for Bart Jay Junior Vandecasteel (BEL) and Vamos de la Pomme d’Or Z © Frederike Markett